Six Steps to Social Media Success

Are you a creative entrepreneur who loathes posting on social media for your business? Do you see it as a waste of your time? A necessary evil to be attacked on an ad hoc basis when you can muster the energy and mind-set to do so? And then, the dilemma of what in the hell to post??

First, the good news. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Now for the bad news. Most of us are doing it wrong. Yep, I said it. You’re doing it wrong. And I sometimes do it wrong too!

When I’m doing it right though, these are the questions I ask and answer for social media success:

  1. WHO AM I? What is my business’ voice? Personality? Core values? In my case, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is fun, knowledgable and helpful.
  2. WHO AM I TALKING TO? Fans? Clients? Industry? What interests them? How do they like to receive information - through humour? Emotion? Sincerity? Humbleness? Confidence? Nonchelance?
  3. WHERE AM I? Linkedn? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Well, I know I’m not on the last one - not cool enough yet! But where I am posting changes the tone and type of message I give. That’s why I RARELY share content directly from one platform to another.
  4. WHAT AM I COMMUNICATING? My most successful social media efforts have been planned. I have my Power-Up Posting Pyramid to hand, which gives me ideas for posts and ensures I have a great mix of messages to give, from curating content, celebrating other people’s achievements, sharing, connecting and just occasionally, if I’m doing it right, campaigning or directly pushing my own agenda.
  5. SHOULD I BE SCHEDULING IT?  The answer is always yes! Setting aside 3-4 hours a week, in one block, allows you to be strategic and creative with your posts and ultimately get the biggest bang for your social media buck. If I invest that time upfront, the rest of the week feels like my social media is running itself. Besides, it seriously takes twice as much time to post on the go.
  6. AM I BEING CONSISTENT? You know that friend you only ever see or hear from when they want something? Don’t be that person on social media. Consistency is key here. Continually being present by investing those blocks of time to focus on social media really does pay off. 

Using a scheduling service, like CoSchedule or Buffer allows you to strategically and creatively plan social media.

Having a 'cheat sheet' or posting ideas is powerful in making your social media efforts efficient and effective.

Having a 'cheat sheet' or posting ideas is powerful in making your social media efforts efficient and effective.

I always remind myself and those I work with that social media is supposed to be just It is a place to continue the conversation we started at that networking event, gig or meeting. It’s an opportunity to show people who our business is and to find out who they are too and that builds genuine relationships. 

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Kylie Cobb

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Kylie is hell bent on powering up musicians, strategically and creatively. Her goal isn’t to make artists 'fit the mould,’ but rather to help them reach their full potential by allowing these geniuses to focus on their craft, while her team does the rest - recording, PR, design, marketing, promotion etc. Kylie has sought out this exceptional group of creatives, one by one, who have the same commitment to excellence and passion for powering up musos. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang kinda plays the role of a label, but you keep creative control \m/