Why A Win For Your Creative Is A Win For You

While I don’t fully subscribe to the notion that ‘any publicity is good publicity’, leveraging profile by positive association is definitely something every musician should pursue.
Initiatives like the Queensland Music Design Awards gives us just that.

Because the QMDA celebrates the talented creatives behind our musicians, it’s natural to assume that nominations would be made exclusively by our directors, graphic designers, photographers and web developers.

WRONG! (in my humble opinion).

I think any muso would be mad for not nominating their own video, album art, website and merch. Especially if your creative is too shy, too busy or too tight to do so themselves (first entry is $10, subsequent entries $5).

So, why would you pay for someone else to win an award?

1. It helps puts the music industry in the community spotlight. WIN.
2. It supports and celebrates the aspects of your industry that oft go unrecognised. WIN.
3. It’s a great way to say thanks to the people who play an instrumental role in getting your music seen and heard (and often for less than market price). WIN.
4. Your music will be seen/heard by more industry professionals. WIN.
5. If your entry is a finalist or winner, your name and creative visuals, will be shown in the media for years to come. WIN.

All that potential exposure for a tenner? And you get to show someone they’re awesome. 

A win for your creative is a win for you. 

Why are you still reading? Go get nominating!

Kylie Cobb

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Kylie is hell bent on powering up musicians, strategically and creatively. Her goal isn’t to make artists 'fit the mould,’ but rather to help them reach their full potential by allowing these geniuses to focus on their craft, while her team does the rest - recording, PR, design, marketing, promotion etc. Kylie has sought out this exceptional group of creatives, one by one, who have the same commitment to excellence and passion for powering up musos. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang kinda plays the role of a label, but you keep creative control \m/