Why Your Website Is THE Optimal Online Weapon

By now, you are likely well-versed in the importance of claiming your space in the online universe, and if not, what meteorite are you living under, we may like to join you there! 

The longer we maintain a connection with a fan, promoter, booking agent, label or journalist, the greater our opportunities to earn money, play and grow as an artist and business. 

Our websites offer the optimal online portal to engage and draw people into our creative worlds. Done well, a user's journey is effortless as they explore from link to (working please) link. 

More than 10 seconds fumbling through a website trying to find a YouTube video or SoundCloud link is frustrating and portrays an unprofessional vibe.
— AAA Backstage Editor, Jack Doonar.

It is as much about visually appealing, engaging content, as it is about seamless technology - the ability to easily navigate links that work, with relevant information that is up-to-date. 

You would be surprised at how many out-of-­date biographies I receive when developing artist profiles for festival websites - I feel like you are depriving me of oxygen people! 

And from a booking agent's point of view, don't send them traversing the internet to source your music, videos, bio and pics.

Just give us the ‘essentials’ in a one-stop-shop.
— Christian Tryhorn, Beats Cartel Bookings & Management

So, to recap, is your website: 

  • visually appealing?
  • easy to navigate? 
  • consistent with your brand?
  • a central hub for all of your online channels (eg. FB, Twitter, Youtube all feed in to it)?
  • translating elegantly to all platforms (ie. desktop vs mobile vs tablet)?
  • relevant to your audiences (bookers vs media vs fans)?
  • linking correctly?
  • up to date? 

YES? Carry on legend.


Kylie Cobb

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Kylie is hell bent on powering up musicians, strategically and creatively. Her goal isn’t to make artists 'fit the mould,’ but rather to help them reach their full potential by allowing these geniuses to focus on their craft, while her team does the rest - recording, PR, design, marketing, promotion etc. Kylie has sought out this exceptional group of creatives, one by one, who have the same commitment to excellence and passion for powering up musos. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang kinda plays the role of a label, but you keep creative control \m/