Mastering the Art of Creative Entrepreneurship

If, like me, you are a great visionary - you see the so called big lights, the main stage and you, right there in the spotlight, BUT find it a daily battle to master the art of creative entrepreneurship, then this article is for you.

The crucial challenge for creative entrepreneurs is knowing how to keep in tune with your creative vision, yet be the disciplinarian you need to be to make shit happen on the daily. This can be hard for any entrepreneur, however is much harder for creatives as art is personal, we often work in isolation and whether people like what we do is highly subjective.

To be a successful creative you need to know what unique offering you have, find an audience, build it and repeat with:

  1. Unwavering Self Belief;

  2. Undeviating Self-Discipline;

  3. Tenacious Initiative; and

  4. Solid Self-Awareness.

Easy, yeah? Hahaha.

If that feels overwhelming, don’t stress. It does to almost everyone else too. So here are four strategies I’ve found helpful on my creative entrepreneurial journey so far that may help you too:

Surround Yourself with Personal Cheerleaders.

You know, those fabulous people who will tell you to shut up, of course you can do it and of course you are good enough when your self-belief inevitably wavers? Like constantly. Like every day.

Deal with The Detail.

I’m sorry to bear bad news but you just need to get shit done. Whether it’s a particular day of the week, time of the day, be disciplined about when you are going to get the stuff done that you hate doing but know is critical to the success of your entrepreneurial journey - you know, invoicing, planning, bookings, social media urghh the list goes on!

Build a Team of Superheroes.

Your tenacity and initiative is what brought you this far. Use it to harness your strengths and OWN your weaknesses to outsource and partner with others. Think about where to best invest your time, money and energy to build a tight network of industry professionals, mentors and like-minded creatives.

Check Yourse lf Before you Wreck Yourself.

Emotions can cloud judgement and worry is a sure-fire killer of success, not to mention your creativity. Keep the self-doubt, criticism, setbacks, over-thinking or worry in check so you don’t wreck your shot at living the kind of creative life you want to live. It’s a journey, afterall, so make it a fun one!

So, stay in tune with your big ideas and surround yourself with awesome people so you can get shit done and have a heap of fun while you’re doing it.



Kylie Cobb

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Kylie is hell bent on powering up musicians, strategically and creatively. Her goal isn’t to make artists 'fit the mould,’ but rather to help them reach their full potential by allowing these geniuses to focus on their craft, while her team does the rest - recording, PR, design, marketing, promotion etc. Kylie has sought out this exceptional group of creatives, one by one, who have the same commitment to excellence and passion for powering up musos. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang kinda plays the role of a label, but you keep creative control \m/